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It’s Zero O’Clock

It’s time to help the 9,500 schools in Australia achieve net-zero emissions and do something positive for our environment. Enough talk. Let’s walk the walk.

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What is Zero Positive for Schools?

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Zero Positive is a world-first emissions reduction program, endorsed by the United Nations, and developed specifically to empower Australian schools and their communities with the right tools, education and support to begin the journey towards reaching net-zero emissions targets and becoming climate positive.

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We’re Not-for-profit.
We’re for Zero.

Our school system is one of the largest emitters of Carbon Dioxide and Equivalent (CO2e) in Australia. It’s also where we prepare our children for their future. For us, creating a positive cost-and-emission-reduction program to help schools take action on climate change was not just rational, but vital.

If all Australian schools and 50% of their communities reach energy carbon neutral, we will make significant steps towards our national target.

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“Australians spend $876M a year on ‘standby’ energy, which contributes to 2.4M tonnes of CO2e. If ONE school turned their appliances off at the wall every night it would save, on average, $2,225 per school per month. If the 9,500 schools in Australia did that, it would reduce costs by $21M a month or $235M per annum.”

Rob Breuer,
CEO Solar Schools

A World of Benefits
For Your School and

For Your School

  • A self-funded program, with three funding streams
  • Minimal demand requirements from the school’s operation
  • Cost savings and revenue-return opportunities
  • Increased levels of community engagement, more often – thus increased support between students, parents, teachers and the local business community
  • Demonstrable results which can be reported and publicised
  • A clearly informed, environmentally savvy and action-led school with the ability to make a positive impact
  • An enhanced leadership reputation within peer groups and the wider community
  • A deep sense of pride amongst students, parents and teachers.

For Your Community

  • Community households have immediate access to financial well being and carbon neutrality through Radian Energy’s own Zero Positive For Schools initiative
  • Everyone has the ability to directly contribute to, and share the success of, a sustainable community and the future wellbeing of its next generation
  • People can be involved in a program which directly invests in their children’s education and in their ability to solve problems for the school, their households and their futures
  • The whole community can reach carbon neutrality and become climate positive
  • Everyone can share the pride of having achieved something lasting and worthwhile, and enjoy the social benefits of having done it together.
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A Positive Path To
Net Zero.

‘Net zero emissions’ is an overall balance between greenhouse gas emissions produced and those taken out of the atmosphere. It’s literally the least we can do to get Earth’s environment back on track. The Zero Positive Program has been developed to make it easy for schools to take action.

Each Year Brings a New Phase.

A comprehensive roadmap has been developed, guiding schools and their communities through a series of actions to both save and invest money over five years, to become more sustainable — integrating technology, data and education along the way.

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A Toolkit for Practical Actions.

These Action Initiatives, aligned with UN sustainable development goals, can save schools money by reducing their consumption — using real-world, real-time education resources — and help them engage with their communities.

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Endorsers and Partners

Hundreds of millions of people across 90 countries worldwide identify as Indigenous. In Australia, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are the proud keepers of, arguably, the oldest continuous culture on the planet.

Zero Positive acknowledges the traditional custodians of Australia and pays respect to Elders past, present & emerging.

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